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Qingdao Polyswell Technology Co., Ltd

Is located in the beautiful scenery of Qingdao, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation. The company that is a research and development, production and sales of the high-tech environmental protection material suppliers, has been committed to the development and application of solvent-free coating, high performance long-time service polyurea and damping material. We have over 10 years experience, will always provide the customer not only the high quality products, but also professional technical surpport.

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Car armor protective your cars

Car armor protective your cars

POLYSV polyurea used on the marine project

POLYSV polyurea used on the marine project

Polysv Cold applied polyurea

Polysv Cold applied polyurea

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polyurea project in China
  • 04.Jul.2023
    What Influence the Yellowing Degree of Aromatic Polyurea?

    We all know that the aromatic polyurea will turn yellow after exposure to the UV ,but in fact, different formulation of aromatic polyurea change color in different degree, so as to the durability.

  • 03.Jun.2023
    Anti- explosion Polyurea

    In recent years, frequent explosion accidents in chemical industry have attracted people's attention, so it is urgent to design anti-explosion buildings in chemical industry. The anti-explosion design of chemical buildings can effectively take explosion-proof measures to avoid the occurrence of explosion accidents, provide a safe place for personnel and reduce economic losses.

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