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Production Description:   

JHSW8606 Blast Mitigation Polyurea Material is the state of the art 100% solids, ultra fast cure, flexible, spray-applied, high build, and two components aromatic polyurea elastomer. The system consists of A component, a quasi-prepolymer rich of free NCO, and B component, a mixture of polyetheramines, amine extenders and other additives. JHSW8606 is used by itself or in combination with other materials to produce protective coatings, anti collision liners, reinforcing layer, and resilient surface on rubber and other substrates. JHSW8606 can produce an extremely tough film at all thicknesses; it may be applied in all positions and to any suitably prepared substrate.


● Anti- collision, Impact resistance, Impermeable, Abrasion resistant

● Bondable and paintable to various kinds of substrates 

● Fast cure, short down time, no sagging 

● Excellent Physiochemical Properties 

● Ambient insensitive, good thermal stability

● 100% Solids, No VOC’s, Odorless, No Toxic Vapors

● Seamless, flexible, slick and non-porous

Recommended Uses : 

JHSW8606 Blast Mitigation Polyurea Material has excellent physical and mechanical properties, good anti-explosion, anti-collision, anti-impact performance, can be used in tanks, armored vehicles, military shelters and other military equipment with anti-explosion, anti-collision requirements.                   


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