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Proper Storage of Polyurea Raw Materials

Spray polyurea part A and part B respectively in red and blue material drums, part A is usually use two caps, part B usually has 3 caps, this is because these is pigment in the part B , the middle cap of B drum is to insert the agitator, to stir the B side before use.


In order for workers to distinguish component A and component B, easily sthe A drums are marked red and B drums are blue. We suggest to color A and B transfer pumps with corresponding color tape, so as to distinguish the two pumps conspicuously. Don’t think it’s a simple mistake and never going to happen, we met it not for once.


If the raw materials of component A and B are not used up, be sure to seal the cap. Especially for component A, if it won’t be use for a long time, it is recommended to saal the cap after flushing nitrogen and smear the cap with grease. It is because polyurea A side will react with moisture in the air, resulting in crystallization or complete bad. Although the polyurea B component does not react with water, it might absorb the moisture of the air and reduce the performance of polyurea, so don’t forget to seal the B side also.


Therefore, in the process of using polyurea, we must carefully read the instructions on the two drums of component A and B, and use and operate in the correct way to ensure the quality of project and the service life of equipment.


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