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How to Avoid the Peeling off of Old and New Layer of Polyurea

The reaction of spraying polyurea is very fast, usually dry in a few minutes, so the time of material surface loss of activity is relatively fast, depending on the temperature and formula, ranging from 3 hours to 6 hours.  In large-scale construction, we often cannot finish spraying in one day, and when we continue spraying the next day, we will encounter the problem of lap connection between two layers of polyurea.  If the lap area is not prepared well, or if a layer is sprayed directly on the polyurea surface after a long time, there will be poor adhesion between the two layers.


If the polyurea project failed, the repair process will be very troublesome.  Therefore, we must try our best to do every detail in right way. If the spraying between the two layers of polyurea is more than 3 hours, we must grind the overlap and be ware that spray polyurea within the grind area.  Please consult our technician for more details. 


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