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Polyurea is not always good

Polyurea technology has developed rapidly both in China and all over the world in recent years, because it has excellent mechanical properties, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties, through formula design and modification, we can get different performance polyurea such as waterproofing polyurea, anti-corrosion polyurea, flame retardant polyurea, single-component polyurea, polyaspartic polyurea, aliphatic polyurea, wear-resisting polyurea, anti-explosion polyurea etc., and was widely used in building waterproof, steel structure corrosion, impact abrasion resistance, water conservancy dam, belt repair, military protection, speakers & furniture decoration, etc., and we can somebody call it “versatile coatings”.


Polyurea has many advantages, but it is not so easy to do polyurea project well.  We should not only know the advantages of polyurea, but also fully understand the difficulties of polyurea technology, from formula design, selection of materials and application technology and other aspects of strict control, in order to do a polyurea project.  Otherwise there will be all kinds of failures.  For example,

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Off ratio mix(B side exceeded)


Off ratio mix(A side exceeded)



Polyurea is an excellant technology, but the quality needs to be strictly controlled from all aspects of detail, only the choice of good materials and professional construction technology, in order to achieve successful project.  Polyswll always adhere to material research and development, strict quality control, respect for science, integrity management, to provide customers with the best quality materials and professional technical support.  If you have any problems in the project, welcome to contact us for communication and discussion.  


Qingdao Polyswell is focusing on the research and development, production and sales of polyurea technology. We will always hold your back. If you have any questions about polyurea technology, please feel free to contact us.




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