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The Importance of Maintains of Polyurea Spray Equipment

Spraying polyurea needs specialized high-pressure and high-temperature equipment, which, like our cars, need be well maintained.  It is mainly because A side of polyurea will react with the moisture in the air, and produce crystallization, it might block the hose or gun.  Therefore, we generally recommend that if the equipment is not used for a long time, we should cleane the machine with special cleaning liquid.  Or a regular spraying, to ensure that the equipment is often used, inside the residual raw materials do not stay for a long time.  Good polyurea equipment and hoses will have better sealing performance. In the process of use, we will find that the equipment even placed for a long time, and the crystallization in the hoses and equipment is less


According to the environment temperature and humidity of the area where your equipment is located, as well as the equipment situation and frequency of use, how to clean and maintain the equipment, specific details can be consulted at any time by our technical person.


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