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Does polyurea really Indestructible?

Many people know polyurea from several fascinating videos, such as watermelons sprayed with polyurea falling from dozens of meters high without breaking, eggs sprayed with polyurea falling without breaking, paper cups sprayed with polyurea can stand on top of a man, and even some videos give people the illusion that polyurea can be bulletproof. So is polyurea really indestructible?



In fact, watermelons and eggs do not need protection, and there is no need to stand on paper cups. These videos remind people of some characteristics of polyurea in a very short time through attractive expressions, such as high strength and fast reaction, which are interesting and spread, and play a positive role in promoting polyurea technology. However, when applied to practical engineering, we should design polyurea formula according to the actual situation of engineering, and it should be able to adapt to the environment and meet the service life of the project. Otherwise, polyurea, which can make watermelons not broken, but don’t have a good property especially durability, if used in concrete waterproofing, it might fail in several years.


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