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What is the Suggested Spray Thickness of Polyurea

Spraying polyurea is a solvent-free material, so it can be thickly coated. Once spraying can achieve the design thickness. Generally, we suggest that the coating of polyurea on the surface of concrete substrate should be more than 2.0mm. The recommended thickness of polyurea spraying on metal substrate should be greater than 1.5mm because concrete is porous structure and has many defects on the surface. If the coating thickness is too thin, some defects may not be covered, and it is easy cause problems after use. When spray polyurea, we should spray the corners and welding joints first, then the flat surface, in case to confirm the thickness of polyurea is enough where it’s often cause problems.


Spraying polyurea thickness should not be too thin, there is another reason, polyurea material exposed to ultraviolet light, because of the long-term erosion of uv exposure, rain erosion and other aging factors, the thickness of polyurea will loss slowly. So if the design service life of polyurea is long, the thickness should not be too thin. Therefore, the construction of polyurea should take into account the substrate situation, design durability and budget, and design a reasonable spraying thickness.


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