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Standard for polyurea construction of concrete substrates

To ensure the protective effect of spray polyurea, should first improve the performance of the concrete structure itself at the design stage to correct selection of varieties of cement, aggregate size and its mixture ratio, reasonable structure design, ensure adequate concrete cover thickness, in the construction phase, we will strictly control the water cement ratio, the dosage of cement, water, Reasonable selection of admixtures, full vibration and maintenance, prevent premature removal of formwork and support, strengthen construction management, reduce human error. The expansion joint should be reserved strictly in accordance with the standard requirements. Through the above work, it will create a good construction condition for spraying polyurea elastomer.


Spraying polyurea coating has strong adaptability to construction environment, and can be suitable for relatively complex climate and environment construction; The ambient temperature should be higher than 5 ° C and the ambient humidity should not be higher than 80%.  The temperature of concrete should higher than the dew point temperature 3℃, the moisture content of concrete base material is lower than 8%, the normal curing age of concrete, at least more than 14 days of curing, better than 28 days, the surface strength reaches the requirements; Concrete base should level off, clean, dry, no week bubbles, loose, honeycomb hemp surface, ballast, soil, release agent and oil.


When the environmental conditions exceed the above range, it shall be determined after field test and test.


After rain (or clear water) is not suitable for polyurea construction, need to dry to meet the requirements before spray polyurea.



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