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Quality Control of Spray Polyurea

In order to effectively control the application process of spraying polyurea system, the equipment must have the following basic requirements: smooth material conveying, accurate measurement, uniform mixing, good atomization, convenient cleaning. Auxiliary equipment includes: air compressor; air dryer; air agitator, etc.


Spraying team is composed of equipment operators, sprayer and auxiliary personnel, and the division of labor is orderly and good coordination. A part should prevent moisture and moisture, and always stored in a dry environment; B material should be stirred for more than 30 minutes before construction, and make it uniform. Continuous mixing should be maintained during construction. Before polyurea spraying, the working surface should be clean, dry and free of impurities. The complex area is sprayed first, then spray the overall flat surface.


The best distance between the spray gun and the construction surface should be kept at 50~60cm.


50% overlap on passed during spray, and cross-hatching spray to make the thickness uniform, and first spray the hardness and then to the easiness.



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