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How to Control the loss the Spraying Polyurea

We know that in the process of spraying polyurea, the loss is usually very large. This is because the spraying polyurea should use high pressure equipment, when the fog reaching to the surface of the substrate, may drift to other places, so there is a loss. The size of the loss is related to the size of the spraying area or the object, the larger the spraying area, the smaller the loss, the smaller the spraying horizontal surface than the spraying vertical serface, the larger the volume of the spraying object, the smaller the loss.

Can this loss be controlled? We can adjust the configuration of the spray gun according to the size of the object. If the spray is relatively small, you can choose the configuration of the spray gun with relatively small tip, and do a good job of substrate treatment. Try not to use polyurea to repair the defects of the substrate, if you need further suggestion, you can feel free to contact us.


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