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How to Fix Bulges of Polyurea

In the process of spraying polyurea, there may be bulge due to various reasons. Why does bulge happens?you can refer to the former article(What Cause the Bulge of Polyurea?), and how can we fix it?


 First of all, it is not recommended to repair the bulge if the customer can accept that.  Because although the bulge seem not satisfy, but because the coating is continuous, if there is no damage, it still good waterproof.  If cut it the repair, it even might cause some leaking problems.


If must repair, first cut off the bump, along the edge of polyurea to repair a smooth transition edge, if there is water inside or not volatile primer, make it totally dry first, and then grinding the surface of polyurea, and finally with manual materials or spray paint to repair.  Polyurea is different from ordinary paint, the position after repair will be different from the surrounding, so in the process of construction to avoid defects if very important.



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