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What Cause the Crack on Polyurea

In the process of spraying polyurea, we often encounter a variety of problems, one of them is crack.  How do these cracks come about?  Firstly let’s focus on the location of cracks, if the substrate underneath deformation or has overlap joint, is likely to be caused by the deformation of the substrate cracks.  It seem that polyurea is elastic, so it won’t crack?  No! This brings us to the principle of “zero extension theory”.  The elongation at break of polyurea, needs a certain elastic deformation space, if there is no elastic deformation space, no matter how high the strength of polyurea, will be pulled crack by substrate.  This is why we say "one point of polyurea, nine points of application", application technology has a very important impact on the success of polyurea project. 

If we already do the surface preparation, such as use tapes of overlap joints, crack still happens, then we should check if it is the problem of the material itself, in this way, the location of the crack often occurs everywhere, we can test the physical property of the polyurea by get the sample on jobsite




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