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Why We should Apply Primer Before Spraying Polyurea

The reaction of spraying is very fast, and it dose not contain volatile organic solvents, so it can not permeate into the surface of most substrate, for many substrate if directly spraying polyurea without primer, can not get a adhesion.  So that the primer is needed.


The primer can not only penetrate into the substate well but also produce good bonding force with polyurea coating. Its performance and construction technology are important factors affecting the waterproof effect of waterproof layer.  The surface of concrete requires no floating slurry, loose particles, oil and other pollutants. The surface of the substrate should be kept clean, dry and smooth, and the surface of the metal base material should be rough.  The base coat must be prepared and used now, and weighed accurately in strict accordance with professional formula requirements.  Keep the construction surface clean after each step.  Primer often applied by roller or brush.


The primer coating range should extend 20~30cm outward from the edge of polyurea coating, which can effectively prevent the edge of polyurea coating from falling off. 

The primer could

Ø  Øremoves the dust of the substrate;  

Ø  modifies the defect on the surface;  

Ø  creates the surface roughness required by polyurea coating ;  

Ø  enhances the compatibility of the coating to the base. 



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