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Why spraying polyurea elastomer technology must use special spraying equipment ?

This is a simple question, but by knowing this in details will help you better quality control

Because spray polyurea elastomer is a reactive material, which is produced by the reaction of A component and B component, similar to how we use the two components glue during our daily life. However, the reaction of these two components of polyurea is very, very fast, depending on the formulation, usually ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, such a short time, it is impossible to use manual operation. But how can these two components mixed well in such a short time? Special high temperature and high pressure spraying equipment provides the possibility. High temperature and high pressure equipment has high requirements for the stability and durability of the equipment, so there are many equipment on the market that can spray polyurea, but it is difficult for new customers to choose one suitable for them through publicity advertisements and quotations.


Why does polyurea spraying equipment need to provide high temperature and high pressure? Because high temperature can reduce the viscosity of the two components, high pressure can make the two components collide quickly at the tip of the gun and spray out quickly. Understand the main principle of the machine, it is easier for us to understand why during the winter we need to take heat preservation measures, why the pressure of polyurea equipment is higher than polyurethane equipment. Because the temperature of raw materials is low in winter, the equipment cannot quickly heat the raw materials to the set temperature through pipeline heating. If the insulation of raw materials is not done well, the service life of the equipment will be reduced, and the performance of the on-site construction of materials will be reduced. Higher pressures allow the two components to react more fully, resulting in better material properties. Only by paying attention to every detail can polyurea technology be developed stably.

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