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How to choose flame retardant polyurea

As polyurea technology is more and more popular in many different fields in the world, it also promotes the continuous development of the technology. With the application and promotion of polyurea technology, different fields also put forward different requirements for polyurea formulation.  Polyurea, as a kind of polymer material, belongs to combustible organic matter, but for some occasions that require high flame retardant performance, the flame retardant performance of polyurea has certain requirements.


But many properties of polyurea material is influence each other, is the so-called "cannot sell the cow and drink the milk", polyurea flame retardant properties of the increase in costs at the same time, also on the mechanical properties, including tensile strength, tear strength and elongation at break, mechanical performance is commonly greatly reduced.  So in the application, we should consider which performance is relatively important. Polyurea is a kind of combustible material, but it is not flammable. If the mechanical properties are more important than the flame retardant properties, it is recommended to choose the formulation of polyurea without flame retardant.  If the flame retardant performance requirements are more important, we must sacrifice some mechanical properties, choose flame retardant polyurea


Therefore, a professional polyurea manufacturer should recommend or customize the appropriate formula according to the actual needs of customers. A qualified polyurea sales must understand technology and fully understand the site situation in order to provide customers with appropriate materials and professional technical support through professional knowledge.


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