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Main Advantages of Spray Polyurea Technology

We know that there are many different types and different formulations of polyurea, and different formulations of polyurea have different characteristics.  But the main characteristics of the commonly spray polyurea are:

1.    No catalyst; fast cure; spray on any curved, slope and vertical surface; no sagging; five seconds to gel; one minute to reach walking intensity.

2.    Two components, 100% solids, energy conservation, friendly to environment.

3.    Insensitive to water and moisture, not effect to the influence of ambient temperature and humidity.

4.    It can achieve the required thickness at one time, and overcome the shortcoming of previous multi-layer  application.

5.    Excellent physical properties, such as tensile strength, flexibility, aging resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.

6.    High thermal stability, can use under 120℃ for long time and withstand 180 ℃ short-term thermal shock.

7.    Varieties of pigment and dye can be added to make into products with different colors.

8.    Formula system is adjustable, and the feeling is from soft rubber (shore A30) to hard elastomer (shore D80).

9.    Use complete spraying and casting equipment, convenient, high efficiency.

10. The machine is equipped with multiple switching modes, not only spraying, but also casting.


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