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The Influence of Humidity on Polyurea

In the process of spraying polyurea, we may find that the properties of the same formula sprayed at different season are different. This is because the temperature and humidity of the spraying environment also have influence on the properties of polyurea.


We all know that the A side of polyurea is isocyanate, it will react with water, so when the humidity of the construction environment is relatively high, water will partly participate in the reaction, affecting the performance of sprayed polyurea. Compared with hybrid, the influence of water on pure polyurea is relatively small, which is why we say that the performance of pure polyurea is more stable. However, when sprayed under the ideal temperature and humidity environment in the laboratory, it is possible that the mechanical properties of hybrid are higher than that of pure polyurea. Therefore, we should fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of different formula systems and choose appropriate materials for construction.


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