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How to Choose Spray Machine of Polyurea

Although spraying polyurea is similar to spraying polyurethane, they all need two-components spraying equipment, but the two equipment requirements are not the same.  Spraying polyurea requires a high temperature and high pressure equipment, high temperature and high pressure can make A and B components less viscosity and fully mixed, so maximum heating temperature and pressure of the machine, has influence on the performance of the material. The temperature and pressure of polyurea machine are higher than polyurethane machine.


In addition, because the polyurea equipment needs to provide high pressure, the good sealing and stability of the equipment are required. Otherwise, the durability of the seals is not good, and a series of problems such as leakage and pressure loss are easy to occur.  As an equipment distributor, we are also equipment users and have rich experience in using different equipments.  If you have any questions in the selection of equipment, please feel free to contact our technicians. 


Qingdao Polyswell is focusing on the research and development, production and sales of polyurea technology. We will always hold your back. If you have any questions about polyurea technology, please feel free to contact us.




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