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  • 25.Sep.2022
    Quality is Important as Well as Professional Service

    "Polyurea is a technology, but not a material." So that when we sale polyurea produts, we also take great importance to customer technical services. While providing products to customers, we pay attention to the spray skill training, maintenance reminder, and necessary visit on time. We are well aware that the stability of equipment and operation, maintenance, have big influence on product quality and equipment service life. From the customer's perspective, reduce the rejection rate and machine repairing fee for customers.

  • 17.May.2022
    Lapping process of polyurea coatings

    In the process of spraying polyurea, we usually can’t finish the job within one day, or we sometimes we should repairing the surface of the old polyurea coating after several days. At this time, if you don’t take the proper treatment of the old polyurea surface, there will be delamination problems.

  • 14.Mar.2022
    Working Hard to Ensure Production While the Covid

    The company has also faced challenges since the COVID-19 outbreak began across the country. Recently, the epidemic broke out in many places across the country. In order to ensure the supply of products to customers and deliver materials on time, all the staff of Polyswell gave up their rest time, worked overtime to busy production and went all out to ensure delivery.

  • 11.Mar.2022
    POLYSV Pure Polyurea Used on the Rope of the Bridge

    Recently, Our JHSW 8607 Heavy-duty Anti-corrosion Polyurea Material was successfully used on the rope of the bridge. JHSW8607 is high performance pure polyurea., it has long durability, high physical performance and high application efficiency, after long time inspect and compare, the customer chose Polyswell as their supplier, we both provide the material and also send technician to the jobsite, to insure the project successfully achieved.

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