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  • 04.Jul.2023
    What Influence the Yellowing Degree of Aromatic Polyurea?

    We all know that the aromatic polyurea will turn yellow after exposure to the UV ,but in fact, different formulation of aromatic polyurea change color in different degree, so as to the durability.

  • 03.Jun.2023
    Anti- explosion Polyurea

    In recent years, frequent explosion accidents in chemical industry have attracted people's attention, so it is urgent to design anti-explosion buildings in chemical industry. The anti-explosion design of chemical buildings can effectively take explosion-proof measures to avoid the occurrence of explosion accidents, provide a safe place for personnel and reduce economic losses.

  • 12.Mar.2023
    Polysv Speaker Box Decoration Protection Polyurea Has Been Praised by Customers

    As a professional polyurea R & D manufacturer, Polyswell has developed different polyurea materials and relative products for different fields. For the field of speaker decoration, we developed JHSW8605 speaker box decoration protection polyurea material, and according to the different preferences of customers, developed a series of products, to meet the needs of different customers.

  • 28.Jan.2023
    New Year and New Challenge

    Chinese Luna new year is coming, everything is renewed. January 28 is the first day after the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the seventh day of the first month, all the staff of Qingdao Polyswell Technology Co., Ltd. started the New Year's work, riveting enough spirit for the customer's order busy production!

  • 25.Sep.2022
    Quality is Important as Well as Professional Service

    "Polyurea is a technology, but not a material." So that when we sale polyurea produts, we also take great importance to customer technical services. While providing products to customers, we pay attention to the spray skill training, maintenance reminder, and necessary visit on time. We are well aware that the stability of equipment and operation, maintenance, have big influence on product quality and equipment service life. From the customer's perspective, reduce the rejection rate and machine repairing fee for customers.

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