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Anti- explosion Polyurea

03.Jun.2023 China polyurea factory

In recent years, frequent explosion accidents in chemical industry have attracted people's attention, so it is urgent to design anti-explosion buildings in chemical industry. The anti-explosion design of chemical buildings can effectively take explosion-proof measures to avoid the occurrence of explosion accidents, provide a safe place for personnel and reduce economic losses.


As a kind of material with high strength and elasticity, polyurea technology can provide new material and new technology support for antiknock field through formula modification and structure design. The United States Army first proposed the application of polyurea in military helmets, military vehicles and other fields. With the continuous promotion and development of polyurea technology in China, it is also widely used in various fields including military protection. Qingdao Polyswell as the leading R&D factory of polyurea, we develop many different formulation of polyurea used for different fields, for military filed, we developed JHSW8602 Army Equipment Protective Polyurea Material and JHSW8606 blast mitigation Polyurea Material, was widely used for the helmets, fenders, cars, safety rooms, anti-explosion walls, etc.



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