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Spray Polyurea & Single Component Brushable Polyura, Which is Better?

As we all know, the reaction of spraying polyurea is very fast, so that it must be sprayed with special high temperature and high pressure equipment. These two chemicals are rapidly mixed at the top of the gun, and then sprayed to the surface quickly. This construction method is characterized by fast construction and high efficiency, but its disadvantage is that it needs to buy a special equipment with a higher price, and the construction space should allow equipment to enter.



However, the situation of the engineering site is often very complex, not all sites have space for spraying construction, so the "single component" polyurea gives the solution, for small space operation, equipment can not enter the operation space, or for someone who do not want to buy equipment. But compared with spray polyurea, single-component brushable polyurea has some disadvantages, for easy construction, there will be little solvent in side, the reaction principle of moisture in the air is needed to stimulate active group to participate in the reaction, so the reaction speed is relatively slow compared with spray polyurea, again is one component polyurea is applied by artificial, the skills of the workers will have an influence on material performance.



Any way, single component brushable polyurea provide an other choice for us,, and our JHSW8804 and JHSW8805 single component brushabe polyurea had already widely used in China. In the practical application of engineering, we should understand the characteristics of different materials, combined with the situation of the project site and customer budget, to make the most appropriate choice.


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