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Could Spray Polyurea be Transparent?

As we all know, spraying polyurea technology combind the advantaged of rubber, plastic and paint, it’s can be elastic like rubber, hard like plastic, and can be tintable like paint, we can see in the application of spraying polyurea, can be made of a variety of colors, this can be achieved by adding color paste to the B component. But if you do not add color paste, could spraying polyurea be transparent?


The answer is no, because the raw material of spraying polyurea is not transparent, and in the process of spraying due to the impact of two kinds of raw materials under high pressure mixing, there are very small pores in the material, so even without adding color paste, spraying polyurea is not transparent, but milky white. If there is a special need for transparent color, we developed JHSW8801 single component transparent polyurea, details can consult our company's technical staff.


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