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What Cause the "Bulge" on Polyurea

As polyurea technology has been more and more widely use in many different fields, people also often met many problems during the application, among which the most troublesome may be the problem of "bulge". Spraying polyurea can form a continuous jointless protective layer, but in the continuous jointless coating surface got a bulge is really a headache. How to deal with such a thorny problem?



First, we need to find what reason cause the bulge and solve it."  There are several main reasons for polyurea coating bulge: 1. The primer didn’t dry totally.  2.there is water or moisture. 3. Uneven mixing of materials, bulge caused by excessive A or B component.  How can we identify which reason caused the bulge?  We usually cut it and look at the back. For the polyurea sheet, if it was caused by reason 1 and 2, the material mixing is normal, so there will be no stickiness on the polyurea surface at the bulge position.  If the polyurea surface is sticky, it is generally reason 3 that the material is not well mixed.  If it is a dry primer caused by the bulge, you can will smell of the solvent. By finding the reason, we can easily find the way to solve the trouble.


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