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Why should we always seal the A side of polyurea well?

In the process of spraying polyurea, we often met problems such as plug of the gun, pressure off ratio, and even worse, get bubble. The main reason of these problems lies in component A of polyurea.


Component A of polyurea is Isosynate, and it should be a uniform and transparent liquid(it can be clear or amber color). We can take a test that place it in the air, simulate the situation that the A system is not properly sealed, and observe its changes.


                                                         clear A side of polyurea           A side exposure to the air for days                   


After a few days, we will find that it has begun to muddy, indicating that there are a lot of solid crystals inside, at this time if we spraying, there will certainly be crystals blocking the spray gun, or blocking the machine, causing the problem of off ratio of the machine.



If left it for a longer time, we can find polyurea A group will become completely solid, at this point the it’s waste. ' '


Therefore, in the process of using polyurea, we must pay attention that,


1.     The cap of A drum must be sealed well when not in use, and it is better to supplement nitrogen. And don’t forget to wipe the residual material A on the lid and seal it with grease.


2.     When the pump is not in use, it must be wiped clean and put into the protective liquid to isolate the air.


3.     Spray gun should not be sealed with grease if you would use it tomorrow, and should be cleaned if long time won’t use.


4.     If the machine won’t working for a long time, it should be cleaned to prevent the crystallization of residual ISO in the equipment.



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