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How long could polyurea last? Can it use over 30 years?

As we all know, polyurea is a kind of material that has super high strength, high flexibility, good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, long service life.  But can it really last 30, 50, or even 100 years, as advertised?


Here is the saying that, "one point polyurea, nine points of construction", indicating the importance of materials and construction in polyurea application, so we can not separate the two factors when answering the service life of polyurea project.  From the perspective of materials, compared with ordinary waterproof materials, the chemical structure of polyurea is indeed more stable, but the aging resistance of different polyurea formulas is not the same.  For example, is there an anti-aging agent in the formula?  Is the formula temperature and humidity insensitive?  (If it is sensitive to humidity, when the humidity is too high in the ambient, the material performance will be greatly decreased, which will certainly affect the life), and whether the formula is really polyurea rather than polyurethane or other materials. From the perspective of construction, the processing of construction details, including whether the spraying thickness enough?  Is the adhesion good?Is the pressure even during spraying?  If these construction details are not handled properly and the materials used in time are the best polyurea formula in the world, problems will still occur, and the project may even fail completely.  In addition, different engineering aging factors are different, such as whether there is UV, thermal oxygen aging, whether there is immersion, whether there is corrosive medium, whether there is wear and water erosion or other stress corrosion, universal environmental factors will also affect the service life of polyurea project.



failed polyurea project


failed polyurea project


failed polyurea project

To sum up, strictly speaking, if polyurea project chooses really good materials and adopts the correct construction method, it can achieve a longer service life than ordinary waterproof materials. According to the different use environment, it can be used for ten years, twenty years or even fifty years.  But to do a good job of polyurea engineering, we must strictly pay attention to the details of materials, construction and so on, respect science, focus on details, in order to do a successful polyurea project, classic polyurea project!


successful polyurea project


successful polyurea project


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