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How are pinholes formed on the sprayed polyurea surface?

As we know, in the process of polyurea project, the substrate treatment is a very important, otherwise it will get bad adhesion, or many pinholes. How do pinholes happen?


Spray polyurea is reactive materials without solvents, part A and part B react very quickly, only 10 ~ 20 seconds, the process is different from the slow reaction coatings, if there is any hole on the substrate, the gas in the hole can run out before material viscosity increased. But the reaction of spray polyurea is too fast, the gas in the hole is heated by the hot polyurea, according to the shape and size of the hole, some gas completely ran out, and some did not run out, it will become a pinhole. Pinhole are ”nightmare” of polyurea project, so we should do the surface preparation carfully.


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