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The Skills of Spraying Polyurea

We all know that application skills are very important when you complete a polyurea project. It was a say that ”one point polyurea, nine points application”. And the application is including surface preparation, spray skills, trouble shooting etc, in order to insure the quality of the projects.


When spraying polyurea, the spray gun should be perpendicular to the working surface, and the distance between spray gun and the substate is about 50~80cm. During the spraying process, better minimize triggering to ensure the uniform thickness and reduce overspraying, so as to improve the appearance of the working surface. And do not half trigger the spray gun!  Squeeze trigger completely. Begin movement of the spray gun before trigger is pulled. 50% overlap on passes, and Cross spray, make the thickness uniform, first spray the hardness then to the easiness. For example first spray the corners and joints, then spray the flat surface.



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