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Why does polyurea change color when used outdoors for a long time?

We all know that there is aromatic polyurea and aliphatic polyurea, the chemical structure of these two kinds of products are different. Aliphatic polyurea has the advantages of excellent aging resistance, and its color is stable under UV exposure, the disadvantage is that it’s expensive compare the Aromatic. Aromatic polyurea can meet the general waterproof and anticorrosive requirements, the cost is also more acceptable, but because of the quinone structure, it will turn yellow after UV exposure. Aliphatic polyurea has no quinone structure, so the above chemical reaction is impossible to occur, that’s why it has strong color stability.


In conclusion, if you can accept the cost and high requirements for appearance, you can choose aliphatic polyurea; If you want both color stable and saving cost, you can choose to brush a layer of topcoat on the surface of aromatic polyurea, which is also a good choice.

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