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Is Pure Polyurea Color Stable?

We all know that there is pure polyurea and hybrid, “pure”sound that it is 100% polyurea and hybrid is polyurea mixed with some other material, but in fact we can not guess that way by their name.


The main raw materials in the B component of pure polyurea and hybrid are completely different. The pure polyurea or hybrid we often use, most of them are aromatic polyurea, they will turn yellow after exposure to the UV, is pure polyurea color color stable and won’t turn yellow, because the name of pure polyurea sounds very good quality? Definitely no. If you have higher requirements for the appearance and want to achieve long-term exposure without discoloration, you can either choose aliphatic polyurea, or you can paint aliphatic finish on the surface of aromatic polyurea. The surface paint can improve the phenomenon of loss of light, powder and discoloration caused by long-term exposure.




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