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How to fix the Bulge

If there is bulge on polyurea coating, we should find the reason of bulging first. If it is caused by the solvent of primer didn’t volatilize totally or the moisture, you can communicate with the owner, it’s better to leave it there, it won’t leaking. Because although the solvent inside the primer volatilizes or water becomes water vapor which caused bulge, but the strength of polyurea is normal, if not repaired, it can still form a continuous protective film, without leaking. If the bulge is caused by uneven mixing caused by equipment or other reasons, it is better to cut the bulge, clean and polish the surface, and do a good job of lap between the old and new coating before treatment. We should pay attention to clean the uneven mixed area totally, otherwise after spray it might bulge again. And it is necessary to find out the cause of uneven mixing and eliminate the fault to ensure the quality of of the project.


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