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How to Fill the Pinholes of Polyurea?

Because the reaction of spraying polyurea is very fast, once the surface of the substrate has holes, it is easy to get pinholes.  Even these pinholes can not be seen before spraying polyurea, it might showed up after spray(what a headache), to repair the holes will be very troublesome, and waste material, so we should first try to do a good job in substrate treatment before spraying polyurea, with primer or putty to close the holes.  If there will still be pinholes after such treatment, how to repair it?


If there are pinholes within a small area, we can spray polyurea a little bit thick to fill the pinholes.  If the pinholes are shown up in a large area, the holes on the surface of polyurea can be filled by repairing materials first, and then a thinner layer of polyurea can be sprayed to achieve beautiful surface.  However, keep in mind that the interval time between two layers of polyurea coating can not to be too long. The interval time varies with different temperatures and formulations. For details, please consult the technical personnel of the manufacturer.  




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