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Why Polyurea is Expensive

Compared with ordinary waterproof materials, the price of polyurea is not cheap. This is because there is no volatile organic solvent in spraying polyurea, while traditional coatings contain solvents, which will reduce the price of the material.  Another reason is that polyurea's main raw material price itself is not cheap.  Although single component polyurea contains a small amount of solvent, but its production process is even more complex than spray polyurea, higher requirements, so the real single component polyurea price should be higher than spray polyurea.


However, when we calculate the cost, we should also consider the maintenance cost saved by using polyurea and the comprehensive cost saved by improving the construction efficiency. As a kind of chemical material, if someone only want to make the price lower and don’t care about the reducing of property, then there are many ways to make it happen, but with the cost reduction, the performance loss, especially in the short term can not be detected in the durability of the reduction, whether can also meet the design application needs?


"High quality and low price" is a good wish, but we should also respect science and reality. As a professional polyurea production and R&D enterprise, Polyswell will continue to research and develop, adhere to basic research, and provide customers with relevant suggestions, good quality products and professional services through professional theoretical knowledge.


Qingdao Polyswell is focusing on the research and development, production and sales of polyurea technology. We will always hold your back. If you have any questions about polyurea technology, please feel free to contact us.




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