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How to choose the right top coat for polyurea?

We have known that aromatic polyurea if used outdoors for a long time, after ultraviolet exposure, the surface of the material will produce yellow (details can be seen in the article why dose polyurea change color when used outdoors for a long time), in order to prolong the life of polyurea in outdoor use and maintain the appearance, you can brush a layer of weather-resistant finish on the surface to prevent discoloration.


How to choose the weather resistant topcoat for polyurea? Because polyurea itself is an elastomer with strength and toughness, the supporting finish should also be flexible, or it might be cracking easily. It is recommended that the coating time be within the active period of polyurea spraying (different formulas are not the same, please consult technical personnel for details) to ensure that the topcoat and polyurea have good adhesion.


The quality of a polyurea project is determined by the details of polyurea, supporting materials and construction. So it’s a technology but a simple material.


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