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How to Calculate the Consumption of Polyurea

When we calculate the cost of polyurea project, we should calculate the consumption of  material first, how to do the calculation? The density of spray polyurea is about 1g/cm3, which is similar to the density of water. Calculation of each square if spray 1 mm thickness, the theoretical amount is 1 kg, so we can know that, spray 2 mm thickness theoretical need 2 kg polyurea. But because of the high pressure equipment spraying, we should add some loss, the amount of the loss is related to the total area of the project of the spray item, it is calculated by experience. Generally if you spray a plat project like floor or roof, needs to calculate the loss of 10~15%, vertical spraying needs to calculate the loss of about 15~25%. If the spraying object is small, or need overspray, the spraying loss may be more than 50~70%, for example, when we spray speakers and helmets, because the object is small and need over spray, the loss is more.

How to control the loss? When we spray small items, you can choose small tips and chamber of spray gun, if you can put several items together in the spraying process, you can also save loss. If you have any problem in the spraying process, you can consult our technical staff at any time, we will provide you with technical support according to years of experience, reasonable control loss.



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