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How to Identify Pure Polyurea and Hybrid

We know that there is pure polyurea and hybrid, the main difference lies in component B, the part B of pure polyurea is amino polyether, the part of hybrid is hydroxyl polyether.  Here we take waterproof spraying polyurea for example, the cost of pure polyurea and hybrid is different, the characteristics are not the same, but it is difficult for people to identify, so it is possible to spend the money of pure polyurea, bought hybrid.  Here are some methods to distinguish pure polyurea from hybrid:

1. The part B of pure polyurea and hybrid is different. The B component of pure polyurea is amino polyether, which can smell a little ammonia smell.  

2. If manually stirred, it can be felt that the reaction of pure polyurea is rapidly thickened and loses its fluidity, while hybrid almost loses its fluidity instantly, and there is almost no gradual thickening process.  

3. Analyze the chemical bonds of materials by chemical methods.


In fact, for most inexperienced customers, it is difficult to distinguish between pure polyurea and semi-polyurea.  But the customers have the right to know the truth, and manufacturers need to be practical and realistic, inform customers of the difference between pure polyurea and hybrid, that’s the way to do long term business.


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