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Is Hand Applied polyurea the Same as Spray Polyurea?

Refer to the formula, the reaction of A and B components of spraying polyurea is very fast, so it must be sprayed with special spraying equipment. When spraying polyurea equipment is stable, the material properties of spraying out are stable. The disadvantage is that because of the fast reaction of spray polyurea, the requirement for the substrate is relatively high. If there are pinholes on the surface of the substrate, there will be many pinholes on the surface of spraying polyurea.


Hand brush polyurea is divided into single component polyurea and two component polyurea, because the formula system is different, can be used brush or scraping, the advantage is don’t need bulky and expensive spraying equipment, the disadvantage is that the manual operation requirements are relatively high, it’s usually has solvent inside, and the worker operation technology has an impact on the material performance.


However, from the point of view of the cured performance, the manual polyurea can achieve the performance close to that of sprayed polyurea under the premise of correct construction. Is manual polyurea better or sprayed polyurea better? Most suitable is the best one.


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