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Is Polyurea tintable?

Polyurea technology is recognized to combine the advantages of rubber, plastic and paint. It can not only have the elasticity of rubber, but also the hardness of plastic. And it can also be colored like paint, and can be sprayed.


Polyurea can be mixed into a variety of colors by adding pigment into component B. However, we should know that polyurea is a material with greater protective performance than decorative performance. Therefore, when it is used as a waterproof and anticorrosive material in construction, due to the manual spraying of high-pressure equipment and the fast curing of polyurea, there may be local particles or uneven, which cannot be levelled like paint, or it is very beautiful like electrostatic adsorption coating. But its protective effect is incomparable to other materials. In addition, the aromatic polyurea will turn yellow after ultraviolet irradiation, so we can choose some darker colors, or apply topcoat on the surface of the aromatic polyurea to achieve a beautiful effect.


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