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How to Control the Quality of Polyurea

Before we choose polyurea, we will first understand the properties of the material, generally through the Data sheet.  The polyurea performance indicators in the data sheet are generally the results of laboratory tests by the supplier(if they tell the truth).  In order to understand the real situation at the site, we recommend customers to take samples from the site, which can be sprayed on a plastic film. After spray, the film can be easily removed and then sent to the lab for testing. 


From the test report, we can know if the material is as good as it’s showed in the data sheet, on the other hand, we can observe whether the on-site spraying equipment is normal and so on, which is a good quality control for the project.  Our company can provide free sample testing services, if you need pls feel free to contact our technicians. 


test result of the polyurea from jobsite(22.5Mpa, 450%)

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