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Polysv Polyurea Technology Protect Army Equipment

Polyurea Technology was widely used on army equipment since 2002 in China. Qingdao Polyswell Technology Co.,tld has developed many different formulation of polyurea for army equipment, such as JHSW8602 Army Equipment Protective Polyurea MaterialJHSW8608 Fire Retardant Polyurea MaterialJHSW8606 Anti-explosion Polyurea MaterialJHSW8614 Aliphatic Polyurea Material,and they were widely used in:


1.     Cheat Armor, Bullet-proof helmet, Protective fence polyurea protective cases

advantages:Instead of the traditional coatings, polyurea is environmental friendly, do not need to heated, high mechenical strength, not easy to peel off, good durability.

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2.     Polyurea protection of fuel tank

Polyurea coatings can be sprayed on the surface of the tank to reduce the damage caused by gunfire on the tank, and polyurea material has a healing property, so that the bullet passes through, the hole will be heal, greatly reducing the leaking of oil.

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3.     Anti-explosion safety house

Polyurea has good strength and elasticity, and can be sprayed on the surface of shelters as an explosion-proof material to protect people and facilities in safety houses

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4.     Ground reinforcement

Polyurea can be applied to the floor where should be reinforced, such as those passed by tanks, to increase the strength and wear resistance of the substrate. It can withstand the change of high and low temperature in different environments, and provide different flame retardant materials according to customer requirements.

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5.     Drop box protection

Polyurea technology is used in the protection of the airdrop box, which can improve the impact resistance, wear resistance and durability of the box, especially in the coastal and Marine corrosive environment, polyurea material has good corrosion resistance property.

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6.     Protection of Army vehicles.

Polyurea technology is used in the protection of military vehicles, which can improve the impact resistance of the vehicle and has anti-explosion and bulletproof damage effect


7.     Acoustic shingles, rocket launchers, caissons

Polyurea has high strength, convenient construction, and has excellent impact resistance, durability, can be applied to the surface of anechoic tile skin, rocket launcher, ammunition box and other objects, with good protection effect .

As it was said that, "one point of polyurea, nine points and construction", Polyswell Technology was engaged in developing high quality polyurea, and was in cooperation with many companies for years, so we have abundant practical experience, we can help new customers establish their production line, help customers save material loss, weight control, cost savings, which was highly praised by the customers.


Qingdao Polyswell is focusing on the research and development, production and sales of polyurea technology. We will always hold your back. If you have any questions about polyurea technology, please feel free to contact us.




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pure polyurea in China

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