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The Key Points of Fire-retardant Polyurea

As a new type of protective material, sprayed polyurea is widely used in the construction of national infrastructure, however, as people pay more attention to the safety of life and property, the market demand for flame retardant polyurea will also increase.



The advantage of polyurea technology is that it has high mechanical properties and aging resistance, we can improve the flame retardant performance of polyurea on the basis of traditional polyurea by adding flame retardants, but the addition of flame retardants will reduce the mechanical properties of polyurea, so choosing the right flame retardants, sacrificing less mechanical properties of polyurea, is the key to the development of flame retardant polyurea formula.



In addition, the addition of flame retardants should also be able to adapt to the characteristics of polyurea can be sprayed, otherwise the increase of too much viscosity, or too large particles serious wear equipment, will affect the application of flame-retardant polyurea, so the development of flame-retardant polyurea, should also be able to adapt to the construction characteristics of spraying polyurea.


In view of the above difficulties, our company developed JHSW8608 flame retardant polyurea, tensile strength is maintained in 15MPA~18mpa, elongation at break >250%, through the national standard GB/T 8624-2012 test, the result is 

B1 flame retardant, oxygen index is 30.2 (GB/T 8924-2005). The viscosity of the material is suitable for spraying, and the flame retardant performance is stable, which is highly recognized by customers.



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