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What Is Polyurea ?

Polyurea is an elastomer formed by the reaction of isocyanate component and synthetic resin blend component. Isocyanates may be aromatic or aliphatic. It may be a monomer, polymer, or prepolymer. Prepolymers or semi-prepolymers may be made from either amine-terminated polymer resins or hydroxy-terminated polymer resins.

At present, according to different construction methods on the market, polyurea can be divided into spray polyurea and manual polyurea.

In the interim technical Conditions of Polyurea waterproof coating sprayed on concrete bridge floor of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway bridge, according to the main raw materials of component B, polyurea is divided into spraying (pure) polyurea (commonly known as pure polyurea) and spraying polyurethane (urea)(commonly known as hybrid).

Different formulations of resin and isocyanate can provide the required curing time, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and other unique properties.

In recent years, polyurea technology has been developed rapidly and widely used in China. Countries a series of important infrastructure construction projects, such as the Beijing-tianjin inter-city high-speed railway, Beijing Olympic venues, national grand theater, the south-north water diversion project, the Beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, and even the world expo venue such as these are used in the engineering construction of the iconic polyurea coatings and other military protection, decoration, props production, wear-resisting repair. The technology is also widely used in other fields, promoting the progress of polyurea technology industry

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