Production Description:   

JHSW8801 Single Component Aliphatic Transparent Polyurea is a single component, aliphatic polyurea, it has high weather resistance decorative topcoat independently developed by Qingdao Polyswell Technology Co.,Ltd. JHSW8801 can withstand the long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation and no yellow, no aging. It is the set of anticorrosive, waterproof, weather-resistant, decorative functions. 


● Bright colors, UV resistance and Excellent color stability

●  Excellent Physiochemical Properties

● Ultra High-Strength and High-Elongation 

● Bondable and paintable to various kinds of substrates 

● Impermeable, Abrasion resistant

● Seamless, flexible, slick and non-porous

● No chalking and fading in long-term use outdoors

Recommended Uses : 

● High-grade building coating;

● Weather-resistant coating for road and railway facilities, tunnels and bridge;

● Ceramic tile of kitchen or toilet, wooden furniture or buildings;


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