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The traditional coating of speakers is alkyd acid kind paint or water-borne paint two kinds, alkyd acid kind paint contains VOC, not environmental friendly, water-borne paint is environmental friendly, but curing is very slow, need larger space to heat and dry, it’s low efficacity. In recent years, polyurea technology has been widely used in the protection of speakers, for its main characteristics are:

1. Environment friendly, no VOC

2 has good waterproof anticorrosion, impact resistance, scratch resistance properties, especially outdoor performance, the coatings is not easy to be damaged during installation and transportation.

3. High construction efficiency, no need for baking and storage space, spraying can enter the next process on the same day, greatly saving baking cost and time

4. Our company has rich experience on speakers, according to the different requirements of customers to provide different materials and technical services, our polyurea for speaker box has high quality appearance and good adhesion, is the best choice for high-end speakers protection

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