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The update to the SSPC-PA 14-2021 document on polyurea has been published


The update to the SSPC-PA 14-2021 document on polyurea has been approved and is now published by AMPP under the new process and until now, SSPC has published 7 standards about polyurea.


 SSPC-PA 14-2021 is a Paint Application standard, specific to polyurea and polyurethanec for coating both concrete and steel. It is an excellent industry reference document, especially important to engineers, consumers and specification development sections. Provides for spray techniques, surface prep, application procedure, etc..



SSPC is the Society for Protective Coatings. It is a nonprofit organization for professionals in the industrial protective and marine coatings industry.

SSPC was established in 1950, and was originally known as the Steel Structures Painting Council.


It is believed that the release of the new standard is of great significance to promote the standardized construction of polyurea engineering and improve the quality of polyurea engineering. Let’s jointly follow the scientific concept, strictly control the material quality, standardize the construction technology, improve the quality of the project, and make joint efforts for the development and growth of polyurea business.


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