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Why do your polyurea often crack when spray on the foam?


Recently, many customers have reported that the spray polyurea on cold water storage pool always encounters the problem of bubbles and cracking. Polyurea technology is characterized by simple construction, but the if there is problem the maintenance is a very headache.  Polyswell has developed a new material system to solve this problem for customers.  


polyurea crack on the foam

There are three main reasons for bubbles. One is that there is water underneath, the other is that there is solvent(usually in the primer or putty) undernearth, and the third is that the A and B side is mixed off ratio.  And spraying polyurea cracking, mainly because the material strength is not very high, and the foam substrate surface has thermal expansion and contraction volume changes, causing material cracking, or the putty cracking caused the cracking of polyurea;  This requires spraying polyurea material itself have high design strength, as well as good temperature and humidity stability.  

To solve this problem, Polyswell has developed  special material for foam substrate , JHSW - 8512 solvent-free elastomatic substrate processing material, it is sprayed by the polyurea machine, the application is very efficiency, and it can almost fill all the holes on the foam or concrete, and is not sensitive to temperature and humidity, JHSW8601 elastiomer polyurea waterproofing material in cool storage pool the humidity larger underground environment construction, also showed good stability,  This system has highly praised by the customers.


spray JHSW8512 on the foam


spray polyurea on JHSW8512

Polyswell will continue to innovate in the field of new materials research and development, provide customers with high-quality materials, and contribute to the development of Polyurea technology in the world!

Qingdao Polyswell is focusing on the research and development, production and sales of polyurea technology. We will always hold your back. If you have any questions about polyurea technology, please feel free to contact us.




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