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POLYSV Pure Polyurea Used on Impervious Project of Reservoir 


The Tiechang Reservoir in Cangnan County is located in the north of Mazhan Town and originates from the southern foot of Helding Mountain. It is a small reservoir mainly used for flood control and water supply, as well as irrigation and power generation. It is an important source of drinking water for the local area. After full investigation and research, the owner chose JHSW-8601 Elastic Waterproof Polyurea Material of our company for seepage prevention treatment of the dam.

JHSW-8601 Elastic Waterproof Polyurea Material has excellent mechanical properties and aging resistance, the material has both high strength and good toughness, one spray forming, no joints, so it can be widely used in the anti-seepage treatment of hydraulic dams. JHSW-8601 is a pure polyurea formulation, which is not sensitive to the ambient temperature and humidity. Therefore, it can still maintain good performance in the complex outdoor construction environment, and will not occur that the performance of the material sprayed on the construction site is much lower than that sprayed in the laboratory.

In order to ensure the project going on well and efficient, we arranged technicians to go to the site for technical guidance, comprehensive coordination of equipment, materials, workers, to provide customers with the most professional services and technical support.

Polyswell focuses on material research and development and production, through systematic experiments and application tracking, to provide customers with the most appropriate products and the most professional service.

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