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Lapping process of polyurea coatings

17.May.2022 China polyurea factory

In the process of spraying polyurea, we usually can’t finish the job within one day, or we sometimes we should repairing the surface of the old polyurea coating after several days. At this time, if you don’t take the proper treatment of the old polyurea surface, there will be delamination problems.

The common treatment method is 1. grind the old polyurea surface, 2.grind and apply a layer of primer. The former costs labor and time, and the latter also increases the cost of primer. To solve this problem, Qingdao Polyswell independently developed JHSW8520 polyurea layer lap quick treatment agent, only wipe on the polyurea surface, the next spray can be carried out in a few minutes, then you will get a good adhesion, most important, it’s don’t have unpleasant pungent smell  



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