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What is the Difference Between Different Formulation of Polyurea

Polyurea has be called "black technology" and was advertised has the ability of " bulletproof " or " anti-explosion" and so on, in fact, these properties are specific formulations, different formulas of polyurea has different performance. The same is waterproof spray polyurea, national standards are also divided into GB type I and GB type II standard. However, can we choose materials according to the indicators in the product instructions and test reports? The actual formula in the engineering site spraying environment stability, as well as the performance of the equipment, will have an impact on the material properties, some formula in the engineering site sampling and testing and instruction index is far from. And as a polymer material, will take into account an aging resistance core performance, aging resistance is not good, may be a few weeks or even a few months of material properties have a significant decline.

So you can not buy polyurea only by comparing the price, it’s better to study the requirement of the project and choose the most suitable formula. Polyswell will continue to develop and innovate to provide customers with stable, high-quality materials and professional services.


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